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Thank you for choosing to purchase Xears in-ear headphones. Xears in-ear headphones offer a comfortable fit, good sound quality and the modern Neodymtreibertechnologie can experience new worlds of sound. To the exploit the capabilities In Ears fully and achieve optimal wearer comfort, but some things need to be considered: The correct insertion of these in-ear headphones in the ears, the selection of suitable ear pads, the correct handling of the InEars and how cleans.


1 Find matching earpads

Xears provides earpads in three standard sizes (S / M / L) to customize a very good comfort to garantieren.Viele people have two different sized ears, which means that they should be able to use two different sizes of earpads. If the ear pads easily slip back out of the ears, they are probably too small or too large. By experimenting, one easily finds the best combination Earpad sizes and can achieve the optimum sound and a comfortable wearing the headphones.


2 Important factors for sound quality In-Ear Headphones

2.1. Use the in-ear headphones in the ears

To experience the sound quality in the Ears to the full extent, is the seat of the Ears In the ear of high priority. The supplied

Foampads (foam) sit almost perfectly in each ear.

• Push Foampads on the sound outlet of the earphones

• use in-ear headphones with the Foampads in the ears

• Wait a few seconds to extend the Foampads after insertion and adjust the ear


2.2. Settings of the player

• Sound Presets note

• Output power of the player and bit rate of the music affect the sound quality

• Note: Some players tend to distort at high volume in sound quality. By minimizing the volume / bass it is unavoidable.



3 The proper handling of in-ear headphones

You have found the matching ear pads for your ears and sit well in-ear headphones in your ears? Then you can start the sounds

Listen to their music. But that's the pleasure lasts for a long time, you have to handle the headphones properly. Two things you deal with in

In ear headphones necessarily consider:

1 Never pull on the cord of the headphones

• When removing the headset from the ear not the cable, but directly on the handset touch

• When removing the headphones from the player, just not the cable, but directly pull the plug

2 Avoid kinking the cable

• Cable not roll to the player, but after use, remove the device and place it in the supplied pouch


If it is pulled too much on the cables or they are bent too often, failure of the fine wires is usually the result. This means that there may be a failure or loose connection of the headphones. For this reason, always careful analysis of the headphones is recommended. For self-induced defects on the headphones by improper handling, for example, remain hanging on doorknobs, bicycle handlebars, etc., will void any warranty. Thus, the headphones can not be exchanged in such a self-inflicted injury case.


4 Cleaning of in-ear headphones

From time to time, depending on the frequency of use in the ears, the ear pads and ear should be cleaned of in-ear headphones. It's very simple: Remove the earpads from earphones and wash with water and a mild detergent and rinse thoroughly. The ear pads can be used again until they are completely dry. The handset itself is cleaned gently with a soft, dry cotton swab. Thus, the sound quality of the headphones is a long time.


5 Warnings

• not more than 60% of the maximum adjust the volume of playback.

• To avoid hearing damage, a prolonged use of the earphones of 60 minutes should not be exceeded.

• In ear headphones are not suitable for children under 10 years, small parts can be swallowed!

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