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  • Xears Powerball PB120 Highend In Ear Earphones
  • Xears® Prime V2  In Ear Kopfhörer
  • Supreme Reference XSR330PRO black  In Ear Earphones
  • Xears® Woodynator XWH700PRO Headset for Iphone
  • Xears® Woodynator XW700PRO
  • Xears® Maestro MH700PRO Highend In Ear Headset for  Android (Galaxy S3) black  Edition
  • Xears ® Ultra high end Audiophile In-Ear Headphones with Flat Cable
  • Xears Turbo Music TM5PRO black In Ear Earphones
  • Supreme Reference XSR330PRO In Ear Earphones
  • Ersatz Audiofilter für Xears® Pure Audio XPA2PRO schwarz
  • Power Systems PSII PRO
  • Xears® Dominator D1000  In Ear Kopfhörer
  • Resonance bicolor Edition In Ear Earphones
  • Xears® Masterblaster In Ear Headset für Android Samsung
  • Experience XE200PRO Ebony In  black/brown
  • Xears® Prime V2 In Ear Headset für Iphone
  • Nature XN1 Walnut Wood In Ear Earphones
  • Xears® Mini Rocket XM100PRO
  •  Xears® XHP1000 Highpower In Ear Kopfhörer silber
  • Xears® Wood Force XWF600
  • Xears® Turbo Music TM4PRO black/orange
  • Xears® Designverpackung für Pure Audio
  • Ersatz Audiofilter für Xears® Pure Audio XPA2PRO rot
  • Ersatz Audiofilter für Xears® Pure Audio XPA2PRO silber
  • Xears Sound Racers SR100PRO In Ear Earphones
  • Power Systems PSII PRO
  • Revolution Series purple XR120PRO III In Ear Earphones
  • Xears Bombastic Force XBFH400PRO Headset for Iphone
  • Xears® Softbag grün
  • Xears® Dominator D1000iP  In Ear Headset für Iphone
  • Xears Xtreme XT3 Black Edition
  • Turbo Music TM3PRO Purple Dream In Ear Earphones
  • Xears Xtreme XT3 brown metallic
  • strippable two color cable with microphone and volume control for Iphone and Samsung Galaxy S3+S4 and HTC One 2
  • Xears® Designverpackung Universalverpackung
  • absteckbare Kabel weiß durchgehend 2mm stark
  • Xears® Softbag
  • absteckbares gedrehtes Rundkabel schwarz
  • Xears® Prime V1 Highend In Ear Headphones
  • Xears® 4Core Hybrid Series
  • Experience XE200PRO Bambus Maya Edition 2012
  • ribbon cable black/red
  • Nature XN2 In Ear Earphones
  • 3 Pair Foam Ear Pieces In Black fitting for almost every In Ear Earphones
  • Xears® Unique  In Ear Kopfhörer
  • Xears® Unique  In Ear Headset für Iphone
  • Xears® Turbo Devices TD4 Black Ebony Wood Edition
  • Revolution pure black XR120PRO III In Ear Earphones
  • Giant Force XGF500PRO Blue Edition In Ear Earphones
  • Resonance black Edition In Ear Earphones
  • Xears N3 Ebony black Highend In Earphone
  • ribbon cable black
  • Xears® Turbo Devices TD2 Titan
  • absteckbare Kabel rot durchgehend 2 mm stark
  • 3 Paar Triple Flange Sleeves Earpads passend für fast alle In Ear Kopfhörer
  • Fat Line Cable Series mit Mikrofon und Lautstärkeregler für Iphone ,Samsung Galaxy S3+S4 ,HTC One 2,Blackberry Z10
  • Xears® Pure Audio XPA2PRO Ultra high-end in-ear headphones black
  • Xears® Maestro M700PRO Highend In Earphone
  • Dynamics 120PRO In Ear Earphones
  • plugable cable with microphone and volume control for Android Galaxy and HTC One 2 in  red


Like it says the in ear earphones or the headset will be placed directly in the ear. The benefit is your complete shielding from outside noises. But be careful to reduce the volume to prevent related damages.
Because of the soft foam- or silicone pads, which perfectly adjust the auditory canal, you will have a pleasant comfort wearing your inear.

Our earphones offer the best quality in sound. You won’t find that anywhere else. We only use modern Neodymium Driver technology. And because of the foam pads you will have the perfect fit for your ear. The cable is made extra thin to prevent annoying tangle.
The 1, 38 inch connector fits for every MP3-Player, PC, Laptop etc.

Prepare yourself for the best in sound, highest quality and incomparable comfort. It doesn’t matter what kind of music you want to hear. Hip-Hop and Techno fans will love the punchy bass. Friends of classical music will experience crystal-clear highs. And guitar-heavy music fans will be convinced when they listen to the crispy mids.

Our headphones offers you sound in a never before seen quality, perfect comfort for your ear, modern technology and high quality workmanship.

Every earphone will be delivered in an extra soft-bag to protect them from scratches. All our goods will be sent till 5:30 pm every day. Shipping is free in Germany!

Worldwide delivery per Airmail with trackingnumber - €8.-

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